Coach Spotlight: Mr. Meyer

Coach Spotlight: Mr. Meyer

Morgan Hunter

Mr. Meyer is the head wrestling coach at Lakota West.  He has been at Lakota West for five years, two years as head coach.  He began his journey as a coach nineteen years ago due to his love for wrestling, which he sees as a sport that requires strength and resiliency. He sees his athletes as having a bright future and who will succeed in making a name for themselves while making the people of Lakota West proud. 

During our interview, he said that he loved being a coach because he is able to provide positive experiences for his athletes and watch them accomplish things they never believed possible. Some of  his best memories of being a coach at Lakota West are when, “we’ve had a lot of fun outings, like going to Brookville Lake and doing Nerf archery. Also we don’t have buses, but school vans [so we are able to go places after matches].  We usually stop at Wendy’s or Steak and Shake.” These events bring his athletes closer together and help them form strong friendships.

Mr. Meyer carefully plans practices.  He thinks about what will most help his athletes develop and where they have room for improvement.  “I have a general layout from prior years’ notes, then I [create] a rough layout with objectives and time frames. I will finalize it at night and have it finished in the morning.” Also he watches wrestling films from different high schools since it is a constantly changing sport, and there are always new moves to be learned.

In conclusion, he expressed excitement for the upcoming year. Coach Meyer believes West will have a successful year with the help of the seniors and the other coaches.