Life in the Bubble


Jacob Foley and William Akindele

In today’s world, professional sports are the primary source of entertainment for millions of people. However, in this weird and difficult time, many professional sports have been suspended because of COVID-19. Teams around the world are losing millions of dollars in revenue. Although COVID-19  might stop some professional leagues, it will not stop the NBA from concluding their season and crowning a new champion. 

On July 30th, the NBA will be moving to a “bubble” in Orlando, Florida where they will continue their season. Months of deliberation and 150 million dollars were put into this experiment. NBA and WNBA teams will attend the bubble under strict lockdown protocols which consist of daily testing and strict social distancing policies. Only 37 people per team are allowed to attend the bubble, including trainers, coaches, and players. If a player tests positive they are removed immediately, put on a two-week quarantine, and tested multiple times over the course of their quarantine. Once they are cleared of the virus they are allowed to re-enter the bubble and resume play. 

For many players attending the restart, the bubble situation can be hard to cope with. If a player decides to leave the barrier without NBA consent, they are put on a mandatory ten day quarantine. A Los Angeles Clippers bench player Lou Williams was granted permission to go to a funeral outside of the barrier but made an unplanned stop at an adult entertainment club in Magic City “for some chicken wings.” This was not the only breach, Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes was put on a ten-day quarantine for crossing the barrier to pick up an order of chicken wings. 

Life as an NBA player inside the bubble is often boring and repetitive. Thankfully, there are many activities to keep players entertained. These activities include ping pong, golf, kickball, billiards, swimming, and more. Many teams brought gaming consoles to pass time holding 2k and Madden tournaments. LA Lakers center Javale McGee passes his time in the bubble by vlogging his experiences and posting them on Youtube. 

The NBA bubble has blazed a trail for other sports leagues to follow, albeit an expensive one, giving players a portion of their freedom and giving people the entertainment they need in today’s world, while also keeping the players healthy. Here’s to a successful and healthy NBA season.