NFL Free Ageny

NFL Free Ageny

William Akindele

NFL free agency just recently opened and already some stellar moves have been made.  Names like Deshaun Watson and Dak Presscott are under the NFL microscope. With multiple other star players including Mitchell Schwartz and Richard Sherman that aren’t signed yet, this NFL offseason will be a good one to remember. We at the West Prest wanted to dig on these free agents and grade how beneficial the signings were. 


Dak Prescott 4 years 160 million

Dak Presscott, after a stressful two year stretch with the horrid injury last season and the constant franchise tags Jerry Jones and Dak has finally agreed to a deal. Dak , when healthy, is without question is a top ten quarterback in the NFL. Coming off of the year where he had a career-high in yards per game and completion percentage, Dak has clearly shown that he can be the quarterback that the Dallas Cowboys need. Grade: A+

Lavonte David 2 years 25 million

Lavonte David was one of the most important players during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl run. With smothering coverage and the agility to stuff runs in the backfield, this was one of the best players the Bucs could’ve kept. He had a slight increase in sacks and tackle for losses. With Lavonte being signed for a two-year 25 million dollar contract, the Bucs defense won’t be declining any time soon.  Grade A-

Corey Davis 3 year 27.5 million 

Coming into this season, if Corey Davis didn’t perform, he would almost unanimously be labeled as a bust. The star receiver was picked #5 to the Tennessee Titans, in hopes for immediate production. Year after year with subpar season after subpar season Titan fans were starting to question the star college athlete. However, this season he has revived himself and had a career-high in yards, catch percentage, yards per game, and yards per reception. With him coming off of a career year like this and most likely becoming the number one receiver for the Jets, he is deemed for another breakout season. Grade B+

Kenny Golladay 4 years 72 million 

After numerous rumors of having talks with the Giants, wide receiver Kenny Golladay signed a 4 year 72 million dollar contract. The former receiving touchdown leader will act as a receiver who will be effective in the red zone and getting open in any and all situations. Along with the addition of speedy wide receiver John Ross, Kenny Golladay will have more space to operate with John spacing the defense out. Grade B+

Andy Dalton 1 year 10 million

The Bears were desperate. That’s the only reason I can come up with why Andy Dalton was signed. The former three-time pro bowl has come off of a benched season in Cincinnati and got hurt in Dallas. Russell Wilson was rumored to be one of the top quarterbacks for the Bears to pick up this offseason and with the Bears franchise tagging star receiver Allen Robinson, Wilson would have easily, at a bare minimum,  make this team a playoff contender. This signing, in my opinion, set the Bears back tremendously. Grade D

Shaq Barrett 4 year 68 million

Along with linebacker Lavote David, Shaquill Bareet was also one of the players the Bucs wanted to sign back this offseason. In the last two years, he has had 27.5 sacks, second in the NFL, and is third in quarterback pressures. It was speculated that Bareett wanted a big payday for his next contract and the way he has played for the Bucs and in the Superbowl he most certainly deserves it. Grade A-

Joe Thuney 5 year 80 million

The only offensive lineman pick-up that could’ve been better is if the Chiefs landed Trent Williams. With the Chiefs releasing pro bowl tackles Erick Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz, this signing was a necessity for the Chiefs. Joe only allowed two sacks last season, meaning that he can help the Chiefs tremendously. The only thing that’s bad about this signing was that Thuney is a bit expensive, but for the Chiefs, anything and anyone that can be used to protect franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a great signing Grade B+

Trent Williams 6 year 138 million

This is the richest offensive lineman contract in NFL history — and also one of the best offensive lineman in the league. Trent Williams has been a great extension for the 49ers. Just two years ago on 491 pass booking attempts, he only allowed 36 sacks. This year NFL analysis website Pro Football Focus had Williams graded as the best offensive tackle in football. With great protection from him and a long-term deal, whoever the 49ers have at the quarterback position next year won’t have to worry about blindside blocking while Williams is there. Grade A