Powder Puff Football 2022

Alex Jones

At Lakota West, one of the most followed sports is football, but once that season is over,  the junior and seniors gear up for another type of football season —  powderpuff football.  Powderpuff is touch (or flag) football between rival and crosstown schools to raise money for a good cause.  The athletes are girls —  the boys usually coach the teams and act as cheerleaders. Never heard of this?  Many students may not know of Powderpuff football teams because of covid canceled the last two seasons.


Many students last year were very disappointed at the fact they couldn’t have a season last year, because it brings morale to the school and to the players. Senior Nishi Suresh seemed very eager for the season to start.  As one of the planners, she stated that  “We just need to get the teams together and the coaches then we are on our way to a great season.” Everyone participating seems very exhilarated for the season’s start up.


Nishi Suresh stated “we play powderpuff differently than other schools. Our version is where only [West]  senior girls play flag football against senior East girls.It is a friendly rivalry between East and West. We create fundraisers and give them to non-profit organizations.”


The season is on the way soon and the eagerness and anticipation doesn’t seem to stop, so let’s hope that covid doesn’t ruin this again for the senior class. Let’s see Lakota West beat East again in football game that’s always fun to watch.