Rivals And Tribulations


Justin Wilson

I can’t imagine any better way to get grief in the hallways of Lakota West than wearing Lakota East gear. However, as our football team improves, so have the strength and number of our rivals. Now, St. Xavier has become a highly ranked competitor, as well as other teams within the GMC, such as Mason.  Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of some of our rivals.

St. Xavier 

Lakota West has faced St. X three times the past three years and has been unable to defeat the reigning state champs and seemingly unstoppable dynasty. Having a conference the size of an NFL division and a schedule whose strength resembles that of a college football team, certainly helps St. X give off the illusion of being an unbeatable team. Yet. As demoralizing as the mentioned facts may seem, Lakota West has risen to be the only true rival to St. Xavier. Though we lost, the past two matchups were close games until the second half. However, this past year, the back-to-back-to-back cross country state champion Bombers fell to the Lakota West cross country team. Similarly, the running powerhouse was defeated in the state track meet in the 4 by 800-meter relay race. And don’t forget, while it may seem like overall St. X has been the dominant competitor, they have never beaten Lakota West in girl’s sport. 


Mason High School is the largest high school in Ohio in the number of enrolled students. Because of this, they have found success in many sports —  their most prestigious being their success in cross country and track. Since 2010, Mason has won 9 GMC cross country championships and 9 boys and 8 girls track and field championships. Last year, their cross country team was disappointed to receive a second-place GMC championship medal. More importantly, Mason has become the 90’s Chicago Bulls of GMC chess, holding a six-year reign as champions. A little birdie told me that if the chess team can get yet another championship, Mason will build another waterpark for their high school. Because when you already have the campus of a private college, why wouldn’t you have two waterparks?


We stole their football coach and now they suck at football. That’s all.

Lakota East

In 1997, Lakota split into two schools; One would become the center of a thriving community on its way to becoming a metropolis, boasting prestigious academics and elite athletics. The other would become a glorified pit-stop off of I-75. Lakota Least has always been a rival to Lakota West, with the schools going back and forth in almost every sport. In recent years, Lakota East has had strong girl’s cross country and boys basketball teams. However, the best thing in recent years to happen to East is the construction of a Dairy Queen. Why is that so monumental you may ask? Well, because East students finally have something to eat within walking distance.