Athletic Spotlight: Hannah Duncan


Madison Prohaska and Luke Wilson

Hannah Duncan, a sophomore, has been the kicker for her football team since 8th grade. First inspired by the small number of girls that played football, she “wanted to show people that football isn’t just for guys and that girls can do the same as guys.” Hannah is currently kicking for the junior varsity football team. 

Hannah is the only girl on the team, which means there are some challenges.  At the beginning she “faced a few guys not accepting [her] on the team… but this year it’s much better as the whole team has grown to accept [her].” It did not matter what others said or thought about her playing football because she loved the sport enough to be superior to all the negativity.

Her love for the sport is not the only thing that keeps her coming back every year — she also comes back for the friendships and familial atmosphere.  The team members always have each other’s backs, and Hannah loves that “[they’re] like one big happy, loving, supportive family.” Hannah sees herself as the little sister and all the boys are her big brothers. She puts a lot of work into perfecting her skill on the football team, which is starting to pay off on the field. Hannah never regrets her decision to play, claiming she is “100% convinced playing football is the best decision [she’s] made yet.”

If anyone is ever free on Saturday mornings, it is worth the time to come watch Hannah Duncan show off her skills on the field. Some may say that football is a man’s sport, but she continues to prove those critics wrong.