Yarn Bombing at Washington Park  


Samantha George

We’ve all seen graffiti sprayed on the walls of downtown Cincinnati, but a new type of street art has popped up in Washington Park. Yarn Bombing. Yarn bombing is like a temporary public art installation that you can not only see, but also touch.  Like in the name, huge crochet and knitted yarn pieces are made into wacky and delightful art.  Although yarn bombing is a global movement,  a collective of knitters and crocheters from the area called the Bombshells of Cincinnati has events year round to show off their work. They don’t only knit these pieces because they love to do it, but also because they “aim to soften the edges of an otherwise cruel and harsh environment.”  Naturally, I went down to Washington Park to see for myself just what yarn bombing was. 


When I first got to the park, it was difficult to see where the pieces actually were, but as I drove around, I realized they were adorning each tree like a weird cozy sweater. There was an interesting variety, from knitted flowers and mushrooms to huge eyes that encircled a tree. My personal favorite was these cartoon characters with knitted arms you could wrap around yourself. Each piece was very interactive and more importantly, made me very happy. The bright colors, soft knitted pieces, and cute designs brought a lot of life to the park. The concept of knitted street art does not seem like something that would actually work, but it seems the Bombshells have succeeded in bringing fun and life to the area. 


Yarn bombing might technically be a form of vandalism, but it certainly brings more happiness than hurt. The Yarn bombing in Washington park has since ceased, but you can certainly catch the Bombshells of Cincinnati bringing joy in the form of yarn all throughout the year.