Athlete Spotlight: Sydney Hilderbran 


Cole Cronk

Sydney Hilderbran, a senior, is a 4-year varsity starter for the Lakota West Volleyball program. She has played the sport since 6th grade and was an immediate threat at the high school level. In her time here at West,  she has emerged as a strong player on the court and has helped lead the team to a 7-1 GMC record, just 1 loss behind Mason. This is the best start for Lakota West in her 4 years on varsity and the most conference wins in her career. 

In her freshman year at Lakota West she played alongside a group of experienced juniors and seniors. She faced a lot of difficulties within that team such as being looked down on and feeling as if she wasn’t supposed to be there. Since then she has made it her goal to always look out for underclassmen so they can feel comfortable on the team and that they deserve every right to play amongst juniors and seniors. 

She mentioned that alongside her at every practice and game is Coach Kornau who “definitely influenced my life a lot and drives me to be a better player” and helped to create lasting memories of the team.  Out of all the memories with the team and throughout her 4 years here, her favorite memory is Volley for the Cure. She loved seeing the impact that it had on people and how high schoolers can still have a positive impact on the world. 

Being a 4-year varsity athlete has shaped Sydney to be the student-athlete she is today and has prepared her for the real world. Her coaches, teachers, and teammates have all played significant roles in her life, and have led her to strive to be the best player she can be. 

If you ever have the opportunity to go watch Sydney and the lady Firebirds volleyball team, they will not disappoint and will make it well worth your time.