Take a Second Chance at Breakfast


Brandon Ortiz

You wake up and you’re late for school. You don’t have time to eat breakfast. Normally, you need to wait must until lunch, but thanks to the new breakfast cart, located on Main Street across from the theatre, you have a chance to enjoy something to eat in the morning between classes.

The breakfast cart was the idea of Laurie Straub, the Assistant Director of Child Nutrition. She said that since “students would rather socialize in the beginning of school rather than eat breakfast,” the cart would give students another opportunity to get the food their bodies need. In addition, the cart lets students who thought they weren’t hungry eat.

The money from the cart goes back into the nutrition program and helps pay for workers’ salaries and equipment. The new cart also gives cafeteria workers another opportunity for more hours as someone must operate the cart in the morning.

The cart has many options, including a variety of breads and juices, milk, yogurt parfaits, donuts, and fruits. Not to mention, the school plans to add hot foods for the colder days to come.

Many students have already enjoyed breakfast from the new cart. It is available every day between 1st and 2nd bell. Generally, breakfast costs $1.50. If you’re ever running behind, join the rest and take a second chance on breakfast.