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Fun Things to Do Outside Over The Summer

Fun Things to Do Outside Over The Summer

As the weather starts getting nice, it becomes hotter and more sunny, and everyone wants to be outside. Everyone gets happier and wants to get some Vitamin D. Getting outside is so important and helpful for your body; It will increase your mood, your mental health, your physical health as well as your overall well-being. So in the summer try your hardest to make it outside so you can thrive. You can be at your highest and happiest potential if you go outside for at least 20 minutes a day. Studies have found getting 2o minutes of sunlight and fresh air every day will improve your life. 

“That’s the amount of time you should spend outside in nature, like a neighborhood park, three times a week. Hopman led a new study that concluded that something as painless as a 20-minute stroll through a city botanical garden can boost cognition and memory as well as improve feelings of well-being.”(

Emily, a senior at Lakota West, thought that, “Being outside makes me happier.”

Being outside is so good for you, so here are some free and cheap things to do! They can make sure you get enough outside time every day. 


Go for a Walk 

Going for a walk is so helpful it helps rejuvenate your mind and body. It is great to get your blood flowing and make you feel better. You can go to a trail or just take a walk through your neighborhood

Go for a ike Ride 

Bike riding is great to help get your physical activity in. You can plug in your earbuds and jam out to your favorite tunes. This is a great way to get outside and see nature

Go Fshing 

Fishing is fun, you just sit there and wait for something to grab the bait. It can be with your friends and family  


Sit outside and just quietly sit there and think. It can be helpful to solve problems and can make you feel happier and more at peace 

Go to a Drive-in Movie 

Look online to find a place near you holding drive-in movies. Bring some blankets and snacks and make a night out of it. 

Go to a Driving ange 

Go online to find a driving range near you and make the day out of it. Get some fresh air, release any built-up anger, and practice your swing all at the same time 

Have a Picnic 

Find a cute place near you and bring some snacks and your friends and relax 

Go Bird atching 

Find a place near you with nature and watch the birds fly. It is nice to see nature and makes you feel alive  

Get Sidewalk Chalk 

Go to your local grocery store and find some cute chalk. Get some cute colors and you can design your sidewalk with your artwork 

Find an Outdoor Workout 

Go on YouTube and google an outside workout. There are so many you can find and they will make you feel better 

Take in a Sunrise or Sunset 

Get up early or stay up later and watch the sunset or sunrise. It will make you feel happy and at peace 

Go to a Park 

There are so many local parks that you can go to and run around. It is so much fun to feel like a kid again

Go to an Outdoor oncert 

You can go online and find cheap concerts near you. Usually, they have food trucks accompanying them as well which is a plus 

Sit on Your Porch and Color 

During the day go outside and sit on your front porch and color in a coloring book. It can be relieving and relaxing to be outside and just color 

Play Outside Games 

Gather your family or friends and go outside. You can play tag, hide and seek, frisbee, Cup Pong, etc.

There are so many games to play outside, and can be tons of fun to spend time with your loved ones.

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