Athlete Feature: Lauren Mang – She’s a Runner She’s a Track Star

Athlete Feature: Lauren Mang - She’s a Runner She’s a Track Star

Sydney Simpson, Social Media Manager

When asked, people usually say they hate running; but, for Lauren Mang, it’s quite the opposite. Lauren is an unstoppable force when it comes to the track and cross-country course. Ever since she was in elementary school doing Girls on the Run, Lauren has been a top-notch athlete. She has committed to running D1 track and cross country at Northern Kentucky University.

Lauren has accomplished a lot throughout the past six years of running track and cross country. In the Fall 2022 cross country season Lauren placed and contributed to the following individual and team awards: Lakota East Classic team 1st place, Kings dual team 1st place, and individual 1st place, District meet the team first and individual 2nd. These meets are not even the start of her accomplishments as she continues to compete this track season.

Lauren says that her greatest achievement is “making it to the next level by running in college. Since 7th grade, I’ve always wanted to run in college so actually getting the opportunity means a lot to me.” As she continues her sport in college she is excited to meet new people and travel for cross country and track meets.

A routine is not an option for a student-athlete like Lauren. Having practice or a meet every day after school and working a part-time job makes for a busy schedule. She stays on top of her school work by “prioritizing school first then practice and meets, and work last.”

Lauren has already created a pathway for future cross-country and track athletes. She continues to be a leader in her 2023 track season and she leaves us with these words of advice for young athletes; “as long as you keep working at whatever you are doing, whether it be a sport or something else, you can succeed.”