Advice to College Students



Since we’ve begun our journey through our four years of high school, our teachers have been setting us up for what’s to come in the near future, especially in terms of college. Throughout the numerous hours in class and 1,001 days, we’ve spent in the Lakota West building, we have been getting prepared. Teachers have taught us time management skills, how to be productive, and how to learn– all are key factors of being successful in college. These lessons were being taught to us without even knowing it and now it’s time to put them to good use.

The senior class of 2022 graduation is coming up fast and it’s time for them to take the next step in their education and future. Here is some advice from teachers at Lakota West that they feel is important to success in college.

When thinking of college, the first thing that comes to mind for many is partying. As a freshman in college, this can easily become a priority because getting the experience is what most students don’t want to miss out on. Although this is fun, Ms. Bell noted that it’s important “to prioritize schoolwork over partying.” It’s easy to become stressed overwork and leave it for another time, but as assignments are pushed back, the easier it is to fall behind and possibly fail classes that are key to a successful future.” With the expenses of college, you surely do not want to be this person. 

College is a completely different environment than high school — it’s a time to use independence and find out new things about yourselves. Mr. Rice advised to “ view college as a clean slate, try things you’ve never done. Find out something new about yourself.” Since college is a step into adulthood, getting out of your comfort zone is very important. It’s possible to find things out about yourself that was never discovered before and possibly find new interests that you find yourself to be good at; this could be job opportunities or even some sort of hobby. This is a time in a young adult’s life to figure out what they want to do forever, and how they want to make their income, therefore it’s important to find something that brings joy day in and day out. 

The academics of college are a huge leap forward; classes are harder and can be very stressful, so it’s important to put your best effort forward and “not be afraid to ask questions.” The entirety of the class schedule is also very different.  As Mr. Erikson noted,  “academically you’re going to be in class a lot less in college —  the students are in class 16 hours a week. Being in class a lot less will help you be productive in your free time and how to manage that time. You’ll  learn how to put away distractions.” This advice overall can also be helpful during the time that comes after college. Being able to manage your time properly is a life skill that is going to make a real job much easier. Another important aspect of college is who you surround yourself with. “Find a group of people that reflect what you want to be, want what you want. You don’t have to feel like you need to be fake.” Staying true to yourself as well as your life goals are only going to lead you to a greater life  — full of abundance. And if you’re around people who only peer pressure you to do things that take you further away from your path, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You want ideas and goals to bounce off of each other, and you definitely want to be around people who will only push you to be the greatest version of yourself.

With all the time present during high school, students have had it easy. College is a big step forward and overall is stressful. It’s important to take these key reminders and advice into consideration when you are having a time of doubt. Our school as a whole wishes our seniors the best of luck and a bright future to look forward to. Good luck!