Farewell, Firebirds: Their Favorite Memories

Lacey Jones

In less than 15 days, around 700 of Lakota West’s students will be hearing their last bell ring, going to their last lunch in a high school cafeteria, taking their last rotation through their schedule, and stepping out of the glass doors one last time as a Firebird. The atmosphere will feel foreign, the air filtering in and out of each senior will be electric, and their chests will be beating with the notion that after twelve years of schooling, they are done. As the last days of high school approach, the West Press decided to ask our seniors to reflect on their favorite memories as Lakota West students. 


Many responses were expected: the standout, classic memories from high school. Hudson Schultz and Adam Kominsky expressed that senior year homecoming was their favorite moment from high school. Even though it was not the traditional dance in the gym,  homecoming actually was a pretty fun time on the football field. Ryleigh Jones and Sohom Dey expressed that their favorite memory was this past football season when the Firebirds almost made it all the way to State, but they still came out undefeated in the GMC and beat our rivals East and St. X. It was absolutely an unforgettable season for anyone who went to the games. Another memory came from Emily Rouff, who said she has really enjoyed Powderpuff practices from this past month. Practices have provided a kind of closure, getting to see many faces and working together for the last couple of times before graduation. However, even though students typically think back to school dances or activities they participated in, high school wouldn’t be the same without the little, day-to-day memories that occurred during the days. 


Personally, looking back, I have loved reflecting on the lessons from teachers that have stuck to this day, the moments in class that I couldn’t help but cry while laughing, or just getting to be around some of my best friends every day. Owen Kauffman thought back to the guys who created a flash mob in the hallway and a bathroom rager on the last day of school. Mitchell Weckman said his days wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Rice’s jokes in Econ. Caden Wyendant thought back to drawing Mount Rushmore on Mrs. Day’s whiteboard. Andre Johnson couldn’t imagine senior year without lunch in Ms. Bell’s room. 


Some memories stuck out beyond those from Senior year. From freshman year, KK Mathis remembered Mrs. Parrett’s contagious laugh and Jackson Hall thought back to messing around in Mr. Gronas’s room with Jack Kaiser. Memories from pre-Covid sparked in Ryan Motolik and Laney Obermeyer’s minds. Ryan recalled the first day of sophomore year when ping pong tables lined Main Street, while Laney thought back to the tangible excitement in school due to getting three weeks off for Spring Break due to COVID. Abby Evans brought up Mr. Cronk’s sophomore year chemistry class, as her class had a dip day and cereal parties. Caroline Kirby mentioned Mr. Pellisier playing guitar in class. 


Something that makes high school so special, especially going to such a large school, is that each of us experienced a different four years. Each of us has little memories like these that have made each day a little more tolerable, or maybe not according to Kenzie Williams, who understandably couldn’t think of an enjoyable moment. Many students expressed their favorite memories of being nowhere near the premises of Lakota West, but rather times spent with their friends, such as New Year’s, sledding on Keehner Park’s hill, or a car ride with the windows down. High school is not meant to be the best years of a person’s life, but it definitely makes an impact on each person who walks through its doors. Seniors, take this time to reflect on this experience and thank those who made it better. Congratulations to the Class of 2022; you did it!