Brown’s OOTD (Outfit of the Day)


Sophie Diouf

     Each morning as we walk into school, Mr.Brown greets us  — while also showing off his own style and personality with each outfit. His style at school ranges from multi-colored suits to wearing more relaxed outfits like a sweater and some sweatpants. 

Mr. Brown said that he gets his daily outfit inspiration from the students. “I wear suits often to show a professional side to the students. I also like to wear more comfortable outfits to show my comfortable side with students. It’s important for them to know there can be a balance between the two.” 

A quick look at a weekly wardrobe shows his diversity.  The first outfit he wore was a simple black suit that showed he was ready to start the week. Students rated the outfit a 6/10. They gave it a low score since it was simple but said the tie added flare to the outfit. For his second outfit, he wore a Bengals jersey with black sweatpants to tackle the day in comfort. And for the last outfit, he wore a simple all-black outfit. Some students’ favorite outfits were his Christmas suit and his magenta-colored suit.

I give Mr. Brown lots of credit for dressing up each day at school. It can be hard some days to wake up and go to school. It’s even harder to create a brand new outfit each day, especially in the morning. And while many of us show up in pajama pants, Mr. Brown always makes sure that he is dressed to get through the day.