Athlete Spotlight: Malik Hartford


JT Washing

There are many great athletes on the football team, and there are many great athletes on the lacrosse team, but there is only one that is a stand-out player on both teams. His name is Malik Hartford. Malik is a junior here at Lakota West and already has 15 college offers to play football, with more to come for lacrosse. One thing that makes Malik stand out compared to other athletes is his tremendous work in the classroom. He boasts a 4.3 unweighted GPA, really embodying the definition of a student-athlete.

Malik plays safety on the football team and is a midfielder on the lacrosse team. If you have been to any football games, then you know the impact number nine has had on the field. He already has an interception and dozens of tackles. An exceptional run-stopper, Malik makes stupendous plays in the opponent’s backfield. On special teams, Malik uses his speed to get downfield and throws his body into the ball carrier with reckless abandon.

Malik has also made an immediate impact on the lacrosse field, with 40 goals and 24 assists as a sophomore. A sophomore on varsity is rare enough, but a sophomore on varsity dominating as he has- that happens only once in a decade. The big question is if Malik will play football or lacrosse in the future. Malik may have more success pursuing football, but there is a higher chance he gets injured. And, he is arguably better at lacrosse than football. Malik himself isn’t sure about his future, saying we’ll just have to wait and see. Whichever sport he chooses, I’m sure he will succeed.