Student Spotlight: Gabe Pimental


Lucy Schaefer

Jazz. A genre of music that is overshadowed by pop music. Despite the public’s lack of knowledge about jazz, Gabe Pimental deems the style of music as his passion. 

Although interviewing Gabe was the first time I had met him, I learned so much about the senior at Lakota West in just 20 minutes. Many students question what they want to do with their lives, even when they’re seniors. However, Gabe explained to me that he has already found everything he needs: in music. “A musician is what I’ve finally decided I am,” Pimental says. “Everything I do is music-based.” Gabe plans to attend the University of Cincinnati for Jazz performance, explaining how “[he’s] trying to figure [his] life out and get involved.” 

Although his life revolves around music, Gabe also has many other aspects that make up the person he is. As a student at Lakota West, Pimental describes Mrs. [Tina] Green as his favorite teacher because “she’s always real with me and she’s a good mixture of setting you up for the real world but also being your friend.” As well as this, Gabe told me he really loves his English class, British Literature, this year, explaining how he had never previously enjoyed English prior to his senior year. Pimental also has a three-year-old dog named Bella and enjoys watching football due to its fast-paced speed.

Even though he is wrapping up his high school career this Spring, Gabe’s future looks bright as he looks forward to studying what he loves at UC next year. As he graduates, he will continue to thrive in music, and live by “the only life worth living is one that you’re passionate about”