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Humans of Lakota West: December 2019


So my journey begins in seventh grade. I had just moved from Ohio to Arizona, so being the new kid–in middle school–was rough already. One day, I saw an eighth grade couple kissing in the hallway. The thing is, they were both female. I remember thinking, “What? That’s something I can do?” I was so excited because they were the first gay couple I had seen in public. This event led to a lot of self-discovery and self-realizations, but it also came with a lot of struggle and confusion. I would stay up all night long thinking about my sexuality and realizing that I do in fact, like girls, but I also like guys. I’d actually be totally willing to love anyone, no matter their gender. So…what am I? I know that labels don’t really matter and I shouldn’t push them on myself, but when I was struggling, I wanted so badly to just know who I was.

After stalking a bunch of LGBTQ+ accounts on Instagram, I finally found myself! Pansexual–a person who has attraction towards people regardless of their gender, and gender is not a determining factor in who they are attracted to. When I entered sophomore year, I found out that Lakota West has a gay-straight trans alliance and I knew that I had to join this club. Plus, it’s also led by my favorite teacher at West. (Shout out to you, Hodges!) Right as I stepped through the doors, I knew I was home. I was surrounded by people who feel similar pain and joy that I do. I knew that this [was] such a safe and welcoming place for me and that I would cherish this club for the rest of my life. Flash forward three years, I am now the senior leader of the club. My hope is to give the new members the same feelings I had during my first meeting. Everyone has a different story, but everyone in GSTA is safe and loved. Always remember, whoever you are–no matter your sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, economic status, first language, age, ability, or family situation, you are loved.

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