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6-Year-Old Found Decomposed After 12 Days Trapped in Vehicle With Family’s Corpses

6-Year-Old Found Decomposed After 12 Days Trapped in Vehicle With Familys Corpses

6-year-old Hind Rajab was evacuating from Gaza with her uncle when they got caught in an Israeli ground offensive. Her cousin, aged 15, then called the Palestinian Red Crescent for rescue. 

“They are shooting at us… The tank is next to me” said Hind’s cousin.

“Are you hiding?” replied the operator.

“Yes, in the car. The tank is next to us.” 

“Are you in the car?” asked the phone operator, before a cascade of bullets fire and a woman’s shrilling voice screams out before it cries down, followed by a deafening silence. 

“Hello? Hello?” Urged the phone operator, to which there was no response. 

Hind was the only survivor of the attack. She was stuck in a small car with 5 of her dead family members, surrounded by tanks, in the frigid cold of winter. 

The six-year-old, Hind, remained on the phone with the Red Crescent for three hours before they lost connection with her. 

“Come take me, Will you come and take me? Begged Hind…“I’m so scared, please come!”

Hind was surrounded by tanks and snipers for the entire time she was trapped in the car. 

2 ambulance men from the Palestinian Red Crescent were dispatched to get her but contact was also lost with them. The vehicle and its drivers were later identified from a pile of burnt remains, a definite sign that it was targeted on its way out. The ambulance that was coming to rescue 6-year-old Hind was targeted by the Israeli military. The two killed rescue workers were Yusuf Zeini and Ahmed Al-Madhoun. 

For 12 days nobody could get to the car that Hind was trapped in due to the presence of Israeli soldiers. 12 days later, the car that housed Hind and the 5 corpses of her family members was found. Hind’s body was found decomposing in the car.  

“Oh shut up already, total migraine terror,” commented @NikkoGavriel, an Israeli citizen, on the situation with Hind Rajab. 

“Otherwise the little terrorist would have grown up and become a terrorist or her womb would have turned into a factory for terrorists” he continued writing. 

“Maybe we really need to change the perception that women should be more protected… After all, they produce all the murderers” was the final remark of @NikkoGavriel in response to the murder of 6-year-old Hind Rajab. 


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