Man Found Dead in West Chester Pond


Martin Philip

A body recovered from the Union Station Apartments, near the West Chester Walmart, has been identified as 31 year old Alex Enslen. Police were called to the location at around 5 pm, after a person walking near the pond saw a body.  Enslen has been missing since January 31st after being kicked out of the Olde Village Tavern, which is located near the pond, after getting into an altercation with another customer. 


Enslen had been drinking and was watching the Bengals vs. Chiefs game before going to the tavern. When kicked out of the bar, Enslen and his friend were walking back to Enslen’s apartment in Lakota Lakes. Enslen for some unknown reason proceeded to run across Cincinnati Dayton Road near the Waffle House and was last seen behind the Domino’s located nearby. Search efforts to find Alex were of no avail with volunteers searching nearby woods and ponds around Cincinnati Dayton Road. Searches even extended to Middletown. where Alex’s girlfriend lives. Alex Enslen’s cause of death was ruled as Accidental Drowning. 


This was the second body that West Chester Police and Fire were called to this month. Earlier this month West Chester Police and Fire recovered a body from a retention pond off of Mulhauser Road, after receiving a 911 call from a person walking their dog in the area. The body was later identified as 61-year-old Larry Houston O’Neal, who appeared to be fishing in the area. His death was ruled as an accidental drowning as well.