Dear Superintendent Matt Miller


Nick Johnson

Dear Superintendent Mattew Miller,


I know that I am only the greatest and most humble West Press writer Lakota West has to offer, but I think even I can speak for the entirety of the Lakota District when I say that we saw your tweet regarding “atrocious weather” on Monday, February 14, and we think that closing the schools would be the best decision for the district. 

Let’s face it, Mr. Miler, we all know what weather you are referring to. It is the massive storm of orange and black that has pummeled this city for the last few weeks after 31 years of being completely dormant. I mean seriously, I know I’m only 15 years old, but even I have felt enough pain from Lakota,… I mean the Bengals, to last 31 years. Not to mention, this IS the first time in forever that this city has had anything to show for it. I think all of Lakota can agree that staying up late, stuffing our faces with greasy chicken wings, and watching Joe Shiesty throwing bombs for touchdown passes to the man, the myth, the legend Ja’marr Chase are far more important than learning whatever the heck trigonometry even is!

 In fact, in my expert opinion, I think that taking time off on Monday would be more educational than going to school. After all, it would be a good lesson for kindergarteners learning about the food chain, because the Bengals are greater than the Rams. How about first graders learning to count? They can count how many tears get shed by Rams fans on Sunday night after the Bengals beat the ever-living dog excrement out of Los Angeles. So help all of us out, Miller. Call a snowDEY and do the entire district a solid, would you? I feel like we’ve all been jipped enough by the 15 missed snow days that have piled up over the past few years.