Scheduling at West


Ashlyn Roehm

As sophomores and juniors at West Main Campus begin selecting their fall class selections, many students are seeking guidance on how to plan for their future accordingly. Unfortunately with such a high demand to see counselors, a number of students have been unable to schedule a meeting. With such a large student clientele and only six guidance counselors, the West guidance department has been extremely overwhelmed this month. 

To make matters worse, some students have expressed their frustration of “not feeling prioritized when their meeting is related to a mental health issue because of the surge of schedule issues.” 

In order to address the high demand, two counselors have been sitting outside the lunchroom during lunch periods to answer any quick questions. However, it is apparent that the guidance department is severely understaffed.  Guidance counselor, Mr. Emig, voiced that students and parents play a huge role in voicing improvements needed to be made in the counseling department. A Counselor’s jobs are to service the community here at West, yet they admire feedback in order to improve it. 

And remember, to schedule an appointment with your allotted counselor, you must go to the front of guidance and scan the QR code connected with your last name.