Devious Licks


Alex Jones

You walk into the bathroom, complete your business, and then go to wash your hands.  But then you look — no soap, no sink.  This is all thanks to Devious Licks, a trend started on TikTok.  Students post videos of themselves stealing various items from schools – such as soap dispensers, sinks, and exit signs. As we know, the trend is alive and well at Lakota West, with multiple bathrooms shutting down because of students taking soap dispensers and sinks.


While some students find the devious links amusing, they don’t realize that these actions can lead to suspension and even criminal damaging charges.  Mr. Bolden stated that they have caught many students through the cameras stealing items. He asserted that the school will issue serious punishments to students who are found damaging property.


Many students enjoy watching devious licks on TikTok, but they fail to realize that these licks cost our school money and our maintenance staff extra work.  And now students are getting frustrated by not having the supplies they need when they enter a restroom.


If you want to have soap, you have to stop the joke.