Main Street Mural


Carter Rust

As the students of Lakota West returned from spring break, we were greeted with a new mural on the back wall of the school. This huge mural, showing off West Chester’s iconic clock tower, takes up the entire wall right outside the cafeteria. 

The mural has been in the works since mid-January when Mr. Card pointed out to Mr. Brown that the panels and banner by the cafeteria had always been an eyesore. As Mr. Brown thinks back to his initial ideas, he tells us “I wanted to think of something that covers the panels, but also shows something about our community.” He decided that a snapshot of the clock tower would be perfect.

As for the planning, Mr. Brown tells us that the process was pretty easy. He reached out to Fast Signs and asked if they could do it, and they told him absolutely. “And all that was left was to measure the panels and print the vinyl,” he told us. 

Mr. Brown also gave us some insight on the process, “The original plan was just to stop it where the balcony started,” he tells us, “but when that was done, all you could look at was the unwrapped panels. It just looked unfinished.” The solution to this was mirroring the other side and putting the mirrored vinyl on the empty panels.

The panels by the cafeteria were old, stained, and were barely covered up by a Lakota West banner. This mural was the perfect way to make something out of nothing. It brightens the whole hallway and pays homage to our community.