LWHS Military Entry at an All-Time Low


Colin Harrington

According to guidance counselor Mr. Klassner, the number of seniors joining the military from Lakota West is at an all-time low —  only at five people. The reason for this is COVID;  the military recruiters can not come into the school and encourage students into the military. Not only this, but the school did not allow students to take the ASFAB test for the military.  This test measures future academic and occupational success in the military and students use it as a great guide to determine whether enlisting is a good option for them.
Recruiters rely on personal, one-on-one conversations to gauge potential recruits. To maximize the chances of meeting their monthly targets, recruiters often rely on high-traffic locations such as malls or organized events at schools that give them the opportunity to interact with the greatest number of potential recruits.  Many students, who would be a great fit for the military, do not even know it because of COVID restrictions.