The Ongoing Construction on I-75


Martin Philip

Orange barrels are a common sight on I-75. In addition, the traffic, the crashes, and the crazy drivers do not make driving on I-75 pleasant at all. But don’t think the construction on this highway nightmare is going to end soon because three projects will be happening along I-75 from State Route 129 to the I-75/I-74 Interchange.


The Thru the Valley Project of I-75 consists of 7 phases in which stretches from Sharon Road to the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway (SR 126). Phase 1 and 2, which is actively taking place, consists of reconstructing I-75 from the Shepard Lane interchange to the Glendale Milford interchange. This also includes adding a 4th lane in both directions on I-75, reconstructing the Shepard Lane Interchange, realigning Neumann Way, modifying the Glendale Milford Road Interchange, also adding an access road for General Electric. The first two phases are expected to be completed Spring of 2021. The whole project is scheduled for completion in 2030 and is expected to $500 to $600 million dollars.

The Mill Creek Expressway Project is another project that is taking place right now at the I-75/I-74 interchange. This project consists of 9 phases of which 7 of the 9 phases are complete. Currently, Phase 5 is taking place –  which involves the major reconstruction of the I-75/I-74 Interchange. In this phase, the EB I-74 Ramp to NB I-75 will be realigned. The Hopple Street Ramp to get to NB I-75 will be reconfigured. The ramp from SB I-75 to I-74 will be reconstructed also. This part of the project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2022. After that is completed reconstruction on the I-75/SR-562 will start. This project is expected to cost, $550 to $650 million dollars


A new project that will start this year is the reconstruction of the I-75/SR-129 Interchange. Many of us have seen the multiple changes coming to West Chester and the Liberty Township area each construction season, especially recently with the new Diverging Diamond Interchange at Union Centre Boulevard, and the rebuilding of the bridge on Tylersville Road that goes over I-75. With this current project slated to begin soon, we can expect to see SR-129 extended to Cox Road. The ramp from SR-129 EB to Liberty Way and the ramp from Liberty Way to SR-129 WB will be removed. More changes will be expected to come to the Cox Road area, even with plans to extend Cox Road all the way to the Premier Outlet Mall in Monroe. This project will cost up to $27,474,000 dollars.


In conclusion, construction will not end on I-75 anytime soon, some of us will not even be in Ohio to see the final changes of what ODOT and other engineering organizations have made to make I-75 safer. For now, what we can do is drive safely, obey the speed limits, and move over or slow down when we see construction or emergency vehicle on the side of the road.