The BatMartin


Kieran Quebman

Our story begins like many others. An ordinary kid living an ordinary life in an ordinary place. It wouldn’t appear as if there was anything special about our protagonist. Martin Philip is currently sitting in 2nd bell Pre-Calc, let’s pick it up now! 

As the teacher drones on about trigonometric identities, challenging even the most dedicated students to stay awake, Martin can’t help as his eyelids become heavier and heavier. Ever so slowly, Martin’s head sinks closer and closer to the desk. He succumbs to the boredom-induced, comatose slumber only achievable in math class.

 -*kshhh* “10-4 dispatch, show me en route now, copy”. Police sirens blare as red and blue lights flash. Adrenaline pumps as Martin settles into the situation. A suspect has just knocked off a liquor store and is making their escape in a 2001 Chevy Impala. Extending his foot even further on the gas pedal, Martin prepares for what could lie ahead. In no time our protagonist is pushing 100 MPH in pursuit on the interstate. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, Martin splits the ocean of cars on the freeway. “Man I love my job,” he thinks to himself. Not long after, Martin spots the suspect ahead of him, refusing to pull over. He picks up the mic and broadcasts to the loudspeaker, “PULL OVER!” The suspect slows down and drifts to the shoulder. Something’s up- the suspect hasn’t turned the car off and appears to be rummaging in the back seat. Martin opens the patrol car door and rushes towards the suspect, right hand ready on his holster. Before Martin reaches the suspect’s car, the driver’s side door swings open, this split second lasts a lifetime. As if in slow motion, Martin sees the suspect stand up out of the car, brandshing a shotgun. Staring down the barrel of a Remington 870, Martin witnesses his life flash before his eyes. The suspect pulls the trigger- “BANG!” 

Martin’s head shoots up from the desk- cheek covered in drool- his math teacher has slammed a textbook onto the ground, interrupting the fantasy.

“Mr. Philip, now is not the time for a nap.” Brushing off the shroud of drowsiness, Martin attempts to focus on math. He is unable to give his full attention after such a jarring dream. He cannot shake the feeling that he should be doing something more, something worthwhile. Martin longs to help people, to contribute to his community. Leaving school, thoughts fly in his mind, “How can I make an impact, right now?” As he lies in bed- waiting for his mind to calm enough for sleep to catch up with him, the lightbulb appears. “I should become a vigilante hero so I can solve crimes and bring criminals to justice!” The next morning, Martin is no more, from this point forward our ordinary stand-up citizen will be known as BatMartin.


Tune in for the next edition to read the next installment of the BatMartin Series by Kieran Quebman!