Strengthening Future Firebirds


Cole Cronk

Amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, principal Mr. Stallings has found a way to spread positivity throughout the student body at LWFS. Using the time available during XH period, Mr. Stallings wanted to build leadership skills in young men and women. In the last issue, the West Press introduced readers to the “Women of West” group. This month, the West Press is pleased to introduce the “Men of West” group, led by two of the biggest leaders at West, Mr. Stallings and Mr. Chapman. 

The main goal of this group, similar to the goal of “Women of West,” is teaching the students how to hold one another accountable for grades, how to develop and build leadership skills, how to strengthen character, and how to learn to handle school with ease. Mr. Stallings intends to “change the narrative for how our students attack freshman year. In years past, we have had many students not take their freshman year as seriously as they should, and by the time they get to the main campus, they have dug themselves in an academic hole. We want to flip the script and have these students starting off on the right foot.” The principal has taken a vision and turned it into a reality, as he has high hopes of continuing the groups for years to come. The success that has been achieved in the first semester between these two groups has proven that when properly prepared, the transition from middle school to high school can be much smoother than many think. 

In the same spirit, the Freshman Campus has also taken the initiative to help others this holiday season. They teamed up with Adena Elementary to spotlight five (5) students who have worked extremely hard and have had an optimistic attitude in such a difficult time. The Adena students, Cheyann, Dionna, Enoch, Drew, and Gabe, were each given an envelope with a handwritten note with a gift card attached to it — a small yet thoughtful gift. 

To top off all of the kind actions being held at the Freshman Campus, Mr. Stallings has invited Mr. Card, our new Head of Inclusion and Diversity for Lakota, to come to speak to the LWFS staff about equality. He hopes to bring everyone together and strengthen the building as a whole. This year, more than ever, Mr. Stallings has emphasized the importance of creating a relationship between staff and students. The mask may make it challenging, but LWFS has proved that nothing is impossible. By creating friendships and being understanding, the Freshman Campus has been transformed into a place students want to be, with a safe and enjoyable learning environment.