Top 10 Free Agents 2019-2020 Season

Top 10 Free Agents 2019-2020 Season

By: Jacob Foley and William Akindele

Now that the NBA season is coming to a close, the draft and free agent discussion is up next. This can be one of the most exciting things about the offseason. Lebron James with The Decision, Kevin Durant to the Warriors, Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. These here are some of the biggest free agency moves of all time. With that being said, here are the top 10 free agents of the 2019-2020 season.


  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

29.5 points per game 13 rebounds 6 assists

Yes, technically, he isn’t a free agent until the 2020-21 season. But the MVP, however, is eligible for a supermax contract worth up to 200-250 million dollars. The MVP has many speculating about which team he may join. The media thinks he may join the Miami Heat or the Toronto Raptors. For all Milwaukee Bucks fans, this shouldn’t be a problem since the MVP has said that he isn’t going anywhere. However, nothing is written in stone.


2. Anthony Davis


26.1 points per game 9.3 rebounds 3.2 assists

 Davis was acquired from a trade for the Pelicans. It included Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, and 3 first-round picks.Anthony Davis has a player option at the end of the season. This means that if he wants to, he can leave and sign with a new team. All this means for Laker fans is —  unless someone insults his mother before the end of the season — he is almost certainly staying because the title chances are through the roof playing with LeBron James. He and LeBron James look like one of the NBA’s best duos, and if they sign him to an extension, they might be a dynasty in the making and become eligible to win a couple more championships before LeBron retires.

3. Brandon Ingram

23.8 points per game 6 rebounds 4 assists

B.I. won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award and deserves a contract extension with the New Orleans Pelicans. He is a restricted free agent, which means if he wants to leave, the Pelicans can match the deal and he will stay with them. However, this is one of the players where we just don’t know what he is thinking. Most likely, he stays with the Pelicans (which, by the way, were wrong for firing Alvin Gentry) and, along with Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, and Jaxson Hayes can develop and become one of the league’s scariest teams for years to come.


4. Gordan Hayward

17.5 points per game 7 rebounds 4 assists

Remember when the Celtics first signed Gordon Hayward? In 2017, alongside Kyrie Irving and the 3rd pick of the draft, Jayson Tatum, they were supposed to be the team to dethrone LeBron James. But then, Hayward, in his first game of the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers, had one of the most horrific injuries ever on a basketball court. After a healthy season going into the 2020 NBA Bubble, Hayward played horrible. He is most likely going to resign since the Celtics could be championship contenders next season. However, if I’m the Celtics and I re-sign him, it will certainly not be for 30 million dollars.


5. Andre Drummond

17.8 points per game 15.8 rebounds 3 assists

This one cuts deep. As a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, it doesn’t look like we are making the playoffs anytime soon. But the Cavs have the 5th pick in the 2020 NBA draft. If Drummond stays and the Cavs land Obi Toppin alongside Kevin Love, Collin Sexton, and Darius Garland, and if pieces fall into place, the Cavs could be on track to sneak into the playoffs as an Eight Seed.


6. Montrezl Harell

18.6 points per game 7.1 rebounds 1.7 assists

This is one that I can’t predict whether he stays or leaves. Since he won the 6th man of the year award this season, teams will spend some of their cap space on him. The Los Angeles Clippers just fired their longtime head coach Doc Rivers, and now there are rumors that Paul Geroge might get traded for Caris Levert Spencer Dinwiddie and 2 second-round picks after an abysmal playoff performance. There is just so much drama in LA right now that if Montrezl doesn’t produce, they’re not even making the second round. The Clippers went out so bad this year that if I had to make a decision, I would say he leaves.


7. DeMar DeRozan

22.1 points per game 5.5 rebounds 5.6 assists

This is another one of the players where I can’t really guess what he might do. He has a player option so he can opt-out of his contract and leave the San Antonio Spurs after the season. They are not a playoff team, even though they were one spot out of the playoffs. They also have a lottery pick in this year’s draft. But with the 11th pick, you can’t expect him to have a big season his first year in the league. So, unless they sign a big free agent during the offseason (which won’t happen because San Antonio has a small market, and never had a big free agent to sign since they prosper off of draft picks.) If I had to make a decision I say he leaves and goes to the Indiana Pacers since guard Victor Oladipo is coming off an injury and is in trade rumors.

8. Goran Dragić 

16.2 points per game 3.2 rebounds 5.1 assists

This is a man who consistently plays like an all-star, but you can’t say he’s snubbed because everyone there is better than him. With that being said, this is an easy decision for me. He stays and the Heat try to make a run to another finals appearance. This team is coached really well, the offense they run is spectacular, and the zone they run is slowly emerging to their main defense. If he stays, this team might sneak into the conference finals and even the finals.


9.  Fred VanVleet

17.6 points per game 3.8 rebounds 6.6 assists

Fred VanVleet, just last year, was a bench player coming up big in the finals, and for him to get paid this season he needed to play excellently. He did just that. He cemented himself as a great roleplayer for the Raptors and if I had to say whether or not he stays, I would predict he stays. If Pascal Siakam actually showed up in the conference finals they could challenge the Heat and might even make the finals right now. 


10. Danilo Gallinari 

18.7 points per game 5.2 rebounds 1.9 assists

This one isn’t a question. He stays. It’s not even because of his talent. He and Shai Gilgueos-Alexander can be nice teammates on the Oklahoma City Thunder team for years to come, along with Chris Paul. The reason why he stays is because of the Paul Geroge trade. The Thunder have 15 first-round picks in the next 6 years. Gallinari, SGA, and Chris Paul can be the core of the team and develop draft picks that they receive over the years. If the first-round picks develop into all-stars or great role players, this team could make the finals for the first time since the Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant days.