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New Type of Interchange and Roundabout Comes to West Chester

New Type of Interchange and Roundabout comes to West Chester

As many people may know, road construction seems to last for a very long time, and driving through it is also a pain.  This was certainly the case for the Union Center overpass. When it was finally unveiled,  we were all shocked at the new configuration of the new Diverging Diamond Interchange —  drivers driving on the LEFT side of the road!   But this interchange is much better than sitting in traffic in the old interchange, waiting for traffic to turn left onto I-75, honking at traffic to move. Since the project is now finished, traffic flows more smoothly.

With this new interchange, people might be asking if this is even safe.  Why do we have to drive on the left side of the road? Or why is this better than the traditional interchange? Well, to answer these questions, yes it is safe, yes you have to drive on the left side, and it is better than a traditional interchange. Some people will be confused about how to operate a DDI interchange, but with this interchange, people driving the wrong way on the highway is nearly impossible. Traffic does flow better in this interchange than the traditional interchange.

Additionally, a new roundabout has come to West Chester at the intersection of Beckett Ridge Boulevard and LeSourdsville West Chester Road. This intersection is much safer than the typical 3 way or 4 way stop sign intersections. With all roundabouts, traffic is reduced significantly.  People are now not stuck at a stop sign for several minutes. We all know by now how to drive through a roundabout because of several other intersections that have it, such as at, Hamilton Mason Road at LeSourdsville West Chester Road and Kyles Station Road at LeSourdsville West Chester Road. 

One of the first roundabouts in the West Chester, Liberty Township area is located on Hamilton Mason Road at Liberty Fairfield Road and Vinnedge Road. This project, which began in the 2008 construction season, rerouted Liberty Fairfield Road to its current configuration which is intersecting Vinnedge Road and building a roundabout at that new intersection. At the same time the roundabout at Eagle Ridge Drive at Lakota West Drive, which replaced the old two way stop sign which was previously at the intersection.

Future roundabouts to come to the West Chester, Liberty Township area will be at these following intersections:

  • Butler Warren Road at Barrett Road and Western Row Road in 2021
  • Butler Warren Road at West Chester Road and Socialville Foster Road in 2021
  • Millikin Road at LeSourdsville West Chester Road and Pinckney Trail in 2021
  • Cox Road at State Route 129 (When Extended in 2nd Phase) in 2021
  • Princeton Road at Maud Hughes Road in 2023
  • Millikin Road at Morris Road in 2023


For further construction updates and to learn about new projects slated to start please visit the West Press Website and the Butler County Engineers Office website.

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