Corona Causes Shutdown

Ben Stafford

Businesses around the world have had to close their doors due to coronavirus. No one knows when things can go back to normal and our economy is suffering heavily. Our normal lives have been flipped upside down which is hitting businesses hard. Governor Mike Dewine ordered that non-essential businesses have to shut down due to the stay at home order. 

With this stay at home order in place, teens can no longer go out to their favorite places, such as the movies, stores, or other entertainment providers. These businesses are also staffed by many teenagers who are now left without a job. Other workplaces, like Kroger, are desperate for more workers. The IMF noted that even a short-lived outbreak would drag the world into a 3% GDP contraction.

The travel industry is also being affected by coronavirus. Popular tourist destinations are no longer receiving customers. Theme parks including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Kings Island are all temporarily closed for the season. Airports are now ghost towns because no one is flying anywhere. Cruise lines have also had to cancel dozens of future cruises due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wherever you go around the world, they are getting hit extremely hard by this global pandemic. Governor Dewine is hoping to start to reopen our economy on May 1st, but very slowly. We will even start to see retail stores opening May 12th. Everything won’t go back to normal automatically. We will have to wear masks and continue to distance ourselves. If everyone does their part and stays home, hopefully, we can start to open more and more businesses, and reopen our economy.