New Master Facilities Plan

Kieran Quebman

Rumors have been floating around for years about possible changes to the Lakota Local School District. From adding a third high school or building a separate school for gifted students to consolidating East and West into one unit–there is no lack of speculation. The board has recently announced that they are working on a new “Master Facilities Plan” that will serve as a roadmap for adapting to rapid growth in West Chester and Liberty Townships. These changes could be big for the district. Many people are wondering: what is going to happen to Lakota?

As far as what changes could be made to the district, things are still very much up in the air. Before moving forward, the district has to complete an assessment of its facilities and make predictions about what the district will need 20 years down the road. Until the district knows exactly what the needs and problems are, it’s difficult to decide on solutions. 

The MFP is still in its infancy, and there are few concrete details as of now. According to Lakota’s communication director, Betsy Fuller, the board has opened up to community input and won’t present any options until April 8th. On April 15th and 16th an open house will be held across the district so community members can see possible options and give feedback. A plan won’t be finalized until the board meeting on May 11th. Until then, we’ll have to keep speculating.