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Freshman Graduation Requirements

February 26, 2020

As classes continue to graduate and the years continue to pass, the state of Ohio is making alterations to the current graduation requirements. The lastest requirements affect this year’s freshman class and those beyond 2023. To get a better sense of what these changes look like for our West freshmen, below is a list of the updates to the graduation requirements.


For the class of 2023, there are three main objectives to achieve in order to earn your diploma.

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 20 credits, with specific objectives in each subject area. For example, students need four credits each for both English and math. 
  2. Students must demonstrate competency in English and mathematics through a standardized test, such as the AIR test or the ACT. They may also show this competency through alternative options like CCP or military enlistment.
  3. They must demonstrate readiness by earning two seals, such as a college-ready seal requiring you to earn a remediation-free score on the ACT or SAT.


Another interesting change is in AIR testing. The infamous standardized test has taken a step back for the class of 2023. While it is still required to take a wide variety of tests in different subject matters, Ohio has now removed the requirement of the English Language Arts I test and is even considering the removal of the Geometry test. So, while this year’s freshmen still are required to take AIR tests, at least one of them has been withdrawn as a requirement.


Overall, the requirements for graduation are pretty similar to the classes prior to 2023. With a few minor changes and the addition of the graduation seals, freshmen will be on the path to graduate. 

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