Valentine’s Day


Brandon Ortiz

It’s that time of year again, the time of roses, cheap chocolate, stuffed animals and expensive dinner reservations–Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day creates a lot of stress for everyone, even those without a romantic partner. February 14th adds pressure to single people to find a special person and show these people how much they love them. If they don’t find someone, they’re left with a harsh reminder of impending loneliness.

For couples, Valentine’s Day creates high expectations to show your significant other you care for them. The first requirement for a perfect Valentine’s Day is a romantic dinner with available seating, then a gift that isn’t basic or boring. The gift must be something that has a deeper meaning and shows thoughtfulness. A romantic Valentine’s Day is complete with no traffic, food that isn’t terrible, and your partner loving the gifts.

Valentine’s Day is great for companies as everyone rushes to make reservations, buy cards, flowers and gifts. Restaurants and businesses boom, ready for the “perfect night.” Every store in February makes sections dedicated to chocolates, bears, and cards, an always present reminder to single people.

Valentine’s Day isn’t all bad; the holiday it makes everyone’s day better because it’s a day dedicated to love. But remember at the end of the day all the flowers will die, all the chocolates will be thrown out, and the stuffed animals will be thrown in the closet with the other hundreds. You shouldn’t need one day to show someone that you care because you have 364 other days. Always hold the ones you love close, because another day is never guaranteed.