Artist Spotlight: Emilia Mieczykowski


Caitlin Creach

Imagine spending hours upon hours at a studio, leaving each day with aching muscles and blistered feet. Emilia Mieczykowski knows these feelings all too well. Emilia has dedicated her life to dance for the past 13 years. She trains at the Cincinnati Ballet Academy and will be performing in the upcoming Nutcracker production.

Emilia believes dancing has shaped her into the person she is today. She says that “It has definitely made me more disciplined in the things that I do.” Emilia credits this discipline to long rehearsals practicing the same moves over and over again. Emilia also says “I cannot imagine myself not as a dancer.” It is all she has ever done and she views it as part of her identity. It has had many impacts on her life. Other than teaching her discipline, Emilia finds dance to provide a great escape from her everyday life–she enjoys expressing herself through her dancing. She views it as a form of “self-care.” For example, when Emilia finds that school is overwhelming her, she can come back to her normal life “with a new perspective” by burning all her energy and focusing on her routines.

Emilia does not plan on stopping anytime soon; she hopes to make it a career. Emilia further explains that “dance is a really expressive art form.” She cites that she even wants to encourage her own future kids to dance. Emilia’s passion and diligence for dancing is admirable. She is incredibly gifted, and has many bright things in her future. “Dancing has helped me get through a lot,” Emilia notes. Dance is not just a hobby for this up-and-coming artist, rather a deeply meaningful commitment. Dance is a solace for Emilia–a way to push herself physically and mentally day after day. We all hope to see Emilia’s dance career flourish, and appreciate her dedication to her craft.

(Photo credit to Hiromi Platt)