Freshmen-less Student Section

Lora Broz

Every year the same subject comes up on Friday night lights at our Lakota West Football games. Why are there no freshmen in the student section?

There tends to be a cycle to this madness and all of the freshmen are angry, aggressively wondering why they are being kicked out. Sophomores are enjoying kicking the freshmen out of the student section. Juniors are glaring wondering why the two younger grades are so stupid. And the seniors are just laughing.

As with every story, there are two opinions on the subject. One opinion says that freshmen are too young to be involved in the Red Sea. The other says that all grades should be allowed to enter. 

Since all students cannot fit in the student section reserved in the bleachers, does that mean all freshmen must be excluded from it? One junior claims “they have to wait a year, that’s what I had to do,” – and this seems to be the common theme. Freshmen must stay out because, otherwise,  it’s unfair to upperclassmen who did not have the chance to be a part of the Red Sea their freshman year.

However, the students are willing to give the freshmen a chance “Gotta start the school spirit young,” says one senior. Adding another class equals a bigger student section, a bigger student section equals more hype, and more hype equals more fun. 

Can we break the matter of having a freshmen-less student section? The main reason they have not been included is because of space. Upperclassman and sophomores do come above freshmen when it comes to the room in the bleachers. But most students “don’t mind” freshmen being present as long as “they’re getting loud,” as one of the sophomores says. Will the traditional question carry on next year? Or will the debate end, with our Red Sea full of all Lakota West High school students?