The Success of Student Government

India Warman

Student Government is a student-driven organization in which members meet weekly to organize and plan a variety of events at Lakota West High School. Their main goal is to make the school a more welcoming and better place. Some highlights of Student Government’s work include the annual blood-drive, the adopt-a-child event and planning every year’s homecoming. I got to email with the Student Government president Tori Kelley to ask her more about Student Government as a whole.

When asked what her favorite part of participating in Student Government was, she proudly stated, “getting to see the events that we put so much time and effort into becoming successful.” She’s not wrong–Student Government always spreads the news about spirit week and makes posters to keep people updated with what is new with the Lakota West. The new addition of the executive board helps make each meeting as fun and uplifting as possible. “It’s been super fun to work with all of the girls because they care so much about the student body and work really hard to make student government fun,” she states.

The goals that Student Government hopes to accomplish this school year are to “build school morale and make our events big.” With all the events they continuously help plan and support, the members of Student Government want the school to “have fun in high school while getting closer with their peers and supporting good causes,” Tori says. For example, the body is helping to plan and organize West’s talent show, and the members want all their fellow students to come out and support one another.

Students can always look forward to Student Government’s effort in planning Lakota West’s homecoming. To make the dance run as successfully as they can, Student Government starts planning for the next year’s homecoming after the present year’s homecoming is over. The executive board gives all the students a task including painting all decorations to get students excited for homecoming and make homecoming as enjoyable as possible. Student Government never disappoints, each year they revel in the success of having a big crowd of people at the homecoming dance.

Student Government always achieves their goals to make them even bigger for the next year, never to disappoint, you will always be proud of what Student Government is doing for the school.
The most admirable quality of Student Government is their unceasing ability to achieve each goal they set, and plan bigger events for the future. Students will view Student Government’s accomplishments with pride, and see their efforts as a necessary resource available to Lakota West High School.