Freshman Campus vs. Main Campus


Pete Fenton

COCKROACHES!  Whenever students talk about life in the freshman building, that is usually the first word out of their mouths. (These bugs are everywhere. Seriously, someone needs to fumigate the whole building!) 

But what else is memorable about the freshman building?  And what do new students have to say about Main Campus?

Each August there are roughly 700 students progressing to Main Campus, and though everyone was one of them at one time or another, it is fun to think back on what life was like at 5050 Tylersville Road, and the stress and awe that came with the move.

When students were asked, most started flaming on the freshman building. “The freshman building, yeah, I just felt crammed; it was just too small,” said sophomore Morgan Wehby. Also, Addy Pilger didn’t like “having to take the activity bus over every time you wanted to do anything.” The worst, however, is the feeling of isolation. According to Grace West, “No spirit week – no clubs – we just didn’t know anything about what was going on.” Senior Ashley Pritchett brought up how the independence high school brings may have contributed to her less-than-positive feelings toward the freshman building. She complained about how “there [were] always fights.”

However, some students reminisce on their time at the freshman school and feel that the smaller atmosphere made everything more accessible and easier to navigate.  JT Washing liked how easy it was to get to class, while Bikram Atwal liked how close his locker was to his lunch bell classroom.  

And of course, many students missed some of their freshman year teachers.  A good number wanted to give a shout-out to the teachers who had taught them.

But Main Campus still seemed to rule.  For one thing, “there is more of a sense of unity here.”  Katie Cooper likes that there are more “upperclassmen — people to be friends with.” Lakota West senior Anna Lavin echoed this statement. She loves how the main campus is more like a “community” because she has “gotten to know people from other grades which has taught [her] how to lead and made [her] a leader.”

A few sources have said, “fResHMaN bUiLDiNg iS betTeR THaN mAiN cAmPUs,” but we all know this is not the most popular opinion. No, but seriously, although there tends to be negative opinions about the freshmen building, the vast majority students did enjoy their time there and look back fondly on the memories made in their first year of high school.