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Easy Ways to Fix Dead/Damaged Hair

Easy Ways to Fix Dead/Damaged Hair

Like many other women, most women value how their hair looks and feels. It can be very frustrating to not have soft healthy hair. It can also be frustrating to use heat on your hair one time, which could result in dead, crusty hair. 

Having healthy hair can be hard, especially if you have yet to learn how to take care of your hair and keep it healthy. It is a very challenging thing because there is a lot of bad information floating around the internet. 

Lightweight oil masks

Once you incorporate a hair oil mask into your weekly routine, your hair will be properly nourished and stronger. If your hair is nourished and strong it will grow faster and longer. Do not put heavy oil on your hair because it will cause more problems. Flyaways happen on the hair shaft; if it is oiled and nourished, they will not be standing up. Apply a few drops of weightless oil to your hair daily or apply a lot of oil to your hair and let it sit for 5-6 hours. Either way, they have the same effect. 

Apply Leave in conditioner daily following conditioner

Depending on your hair type how oily it gets, and how thin it is, that is what determines what shower conditioner you use. Always condition your hair after washing it and let the conditioner sit in your hair for 5 minutes. Rinse it well while your hair is still soaking wet, then apply the leave-in conditioner. “It’s a 10” is my favorite conditioner but like I said depending on your hair type, it is what leave-in conditioner you use. Apply the leave-in conditioner and make sure you push it into your hair well. Then brush your hair so the conditioner is evenly distributed. 

Use heat protectant

Before you use heat I am strongly against using if you do use it always use a protectant. Protectant will add a barrier between your styling tool and your hair, sealing in moisture and fending off frizz. They also work to smooth the cuticle, making your hair look smooth and feel soft. USE YOUR HEAT PROTECTANT.

Get Trims- If your hair is dead, you need to cut the dead parts off, like a plant if there are dead leaves the new fresh leaves can not grow and nourish. I talked to Abbie, a sophomore at Lakota West, and this is what she has to say about trimming her hair:

“When I dyed my hair black it was dead and ruined and so I trimmed my dead ends off and it looks healthier than ever.” 

Cut the dead ends off: it will only get worse once it’s dead the dead will travel up the shaft unless it is cut. 

EAT RIGHT- You can only get so far by trimming your hair and leaving in conditioners. You need to drink water, eat your protein and your vegetables. Your hair looks how you eat; eat right, and it will help a dramatic amount with your hair journey.

Use all these tips and you are sure to fix and solve your damaged hair problems. 


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