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Pizza Hut’s ‘Goodbye Pies’

Need to say goodbye to your hubby? Want to send your ex a mean message? Well Pizza Hut has just the thing for you.
Pizza Huts Goodbye Pies

The Goodbye Pies which Pizza Hut started on February 6, let people order free Pizza Hut delivery to the address of an ex-lover. From now until Valentine’s Day, people can go to to order a Hot Honey pizza for delivery to their long-gone partner or soon-to-be ex.

Need to make sure someone is sad on Valentine’s Day? Send your ex a pie to make them wish they never hurt you 

You can also leave your personal touch on the “Goodbye Pies” order, as the program includes the option to write a customized message to your ex on the delivery box.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a nice kind day to spread love. You spread kindness and give people chocolate and roses, but you can be mean and send them a pizza with mean words.   

“45% of people believe it’s best to end troubled relationships before February 14” CNN news says.

Go onto Pizza Hut’s website and send your ex a yummy pizza with a nasty text!!! Make Valentine’s Day interesting this year– do it for the plot! 


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