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Top 10 Lunar New Year Foods & Traditions


The Lunar New Year is an exciting time when multi-generation traditions come to light. To celebrate the Year of The Dragon, here are some of the most well-known traditions to enjoy throughout the Lunar New Year. 


A classic Chinese New Year lucky and popular dish that traditionally brings wealth into the new year. Dumplings can be with pork, chicken, shrimp, or vegetables and can be boiled or fried.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a lucky dish year round, especially on holidays to bring wealth into this new year. Spring rolls contain shrimp, fish, or pork and vegetables of any sort wrapped in rice paper rolls with hoisin sauce mixed with peanut butter.  


“Longevity” noodles are a traditional Lunar New Year food that gives happiness and longevity to you for the year. The noodles have to be eaten whole without breakage because the longer they remain whole the longer you live. 


A whole fish is traditionally eaten on lunar New Year for increased prosperity. Steamed fish served with soy, fish, or any light sauce.

Lunar New Year Cake

Glutinous rice cakes are a traditional desert on lunar new years for a benefit of higher income and position at work. The main ingredients of nian gao are sticky rice, sugar, chestnuts, Chinese dates, and lotus leaves.

Color of clothing

Different types of colors bring you luck for multiple reasons into this new year. Red is the most common color for this event bringing happiness and warding off evil spirits. However, this year’s lucky color is green offering growth, prosperity and good luck and positivity.

Red Envelopes

A Lunar New Year tradition is to give family and friends a red envelope filled with money most of the time a 2 dollar bill to bring the most luck. It symbolizes good wishes and luck for the new ahead.

Dragon Dance

The dragon dance brings you good fortune, wisdom, success, protection and masculinity. It is done during temples as a symbol of Asian culture.

Offering sufferings to ancestor

The offers are to honor them and seek their blessings. They offer food, joss paper, joss sticks, and even meat and wine.

Lantern Festival

People light lanterns on new year’s day to drive out darkness and bring hope to the coming year. There is a lantern festival that goes on in many different places world wide on new years.


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