Movie Review: Scream VI – Was it Really That Good?

Movie Review: Scream VI - Was it Really That Good?

Riot Stitt

Warning: Spoilers

Scream 6 was Released on March 10th of this year, and was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The movie starts off with a kill, obviously, but it’s a little different because we see the killer’s face early on, but the killer and his partner end up being killed next. The killers that end up being killed are huge Stab fans and want to finish the job with Sam. The new killer also seems to love Stab and leaves old killer masks at each crime scene with the old killer’s DNA.

The main characters Sam, Tara, Chad, and Mindy as well as Quinn (Sam and Tara’s roommate), Ethan, Chad’s roommate, and Anika (Mindy’s Girlfriend), find out that they are in a franchise now which means that the old characters are expendable and they suspect Ethan, Quinn or Anika. They are attacked and Quinn and Anika are killed. Kirby from Scream 4 comes back and she is an FBI agent. Gale is also there; she is still a reporter. 

Gale follows a lead and she finds a huge abandoned movie theater with very high security that has a bunch of crime scene evidence from old killers in the franchise. They get on a train to get back to the movie theater but have to split up, Sam, Tara, and Chad are together. Ethan and Mindy Mindy leaves Ethan because she doesn’t trust him and then she gets stabbed, but she gets medical help and misses the main fight. Gale is killed after they try to lure out the killer. 

Then Chad is stabbed and they think he is dead. The killers then are de-masked and they find out is Officer Bailey, Quinn’s dad, Ethan who is actually Quinn’s brother, and Quinn who was actually alive because they pulled a Billy Loomis and faked her death. It is revealed that they are Richie’s, one of the killers from Scream 5, family and the Shrine to the Stab movies is actually his. Tara kills Ethan and Sam kills Officer Bailey and Quinn and then they find out Chad is actually alive and they reunite with Mindy. 

I personally enjoyed the movie a lot even though some parts of it were lacking. For example, there is a lot less talk about the rules and there was also less analysis of slashers in general. They talk about the rules once and then one returning character (Gale) is killed because of the rules of franchises. 

I think the fact that the company didn’t offer Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott’s actress) enough that she would want to come back was a little weird considering their budget for the movie and the revenue she has brought to the franchise and the amount of money they make because of her. I think they really should have been able to value her more.

This felt simultaneously better and worse than the other Screams because the storyline is a lot more interesting and they have a good motive even though it is just revenge but I think it was executed pretty well. But I didn’t really like that it didn’t have the whole making fun of the slasher genre that a lot of people enjoy scream movies for. 

It doesn’t need the analysis to be a good movie but if people are looking for all of the analysis and everything it isn’t the best for that and in my opinion, the first three are the best for that. If people just want a funny slasher to watch, it is still pretty good.