Mr. McGill Resigned Because of “Personal and Professional Reasons”

Mr. McGill Resigned Because of “Personal and Professional Reasons

Olivia Eldridge

Nick McGill, the choir teacher here at Lakota West High School has resigned after allegations of a relationship with a former student.

Records show that Nick McGill, 28, was investigated in July of 2021. At that time, Robert Kramer, our executive director of human resources, emailed McGill a written summary of the investigation’s findings after looking into McGill’s “friendship or relationship” with a recent graduate.

The first investigation did not find anything to support McGill doing anything inappropriate while the girl was enrolled at West High.

After she graduated, McGill admitted to connecting with her through social media then running into her in public. There was a photo taken of McGill and the former student in a car. There was another screenshot of a shirtless McGill in bed on FaceTime with her also circulated on social media. 

McGill is a Lakota graduate and started working in the school’s music department in 2017. 

McGill was then investigated again 19 months later and was placed on administrative leave with pay two weeks later, on March 3.

Just a short while later, Mr. McGill sent his resignation letter to Interim Superintendent Rob Vogelmann on Tuesday, citing his leave for “personal and professional reasons.”

“It has been a privilege to work for this district and I will continue to support it and advocate for it from afar,” McGill wrote.

Brown emphasized the investigation involved a relationship with a former student that began after the student had graduated and that there is no evidence the alleged relationship took place when the graduate was still a student or a minor. Brown also said there have not been any other allegations involving other Lakota West students or graduates.