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AP Course Options for the 23-24 School Year

AP Course Options for the 23-24 School Year

Read this article for a brief description of each AP course that Lakota West offers. If you would like more information on the class, each name is linked to the course video which includes that teacher’s interpretation of the class.


        With the third quarter of the 2023 school year coming to an end, students and teachers alike know that it’s time to start selecting classes for next year. Lakota Online has released a course options document, displaying each class that Lakota offers. If you’re a student at Lakota West High School, take a look at these suggestions on what classes to take if you are interested in Lakota’s Advanced Placement Program.

From preparing for next year’s math class to something as simple as choosing an elective to take, picking your classes is something that you should put a lot of thought into. Schedules go a long way in terms of college applications, scholarships, majors, and potentially even future occupations.

        What someone is passionate about could even have a lot to do with what classes they choose in high school. Some students feel that it enhances their learning experience when they are put in classes with those that have similar interests. Some classes also have co-requisites, which is a class you’d take at the same time as the class you want to do; a few classes require prerequisites, meaning you must have credit from a previous class in order to take that class.

These are Lakota West’s options for AP courses for those interested in the 23-24 year. Each class name is linked to a video that includes that specific teacher of the class explaining it more in-depth. 


Science options:

AP Biology: 

  • College level class 
  • Prerequisite of chemistry
  • Studies cells and evolution based experiments/investigations
  • Studies interaction between species

AP Chemistry:

  • Atomic structure, intermolecular forces, and chemical reactions
  • Equivalent to college freshman course of chemistry
  • Co-requisite of Pre-Calc
  • Prerequisite of Algebra 2 and Honors or CP Chemistry

AP Physics C: Mechanics:

  • Calculus based
  • Kinematics, Newton’s laws, Gravity, and other physical forces
  • Includes placement test and summer project
  • Prerequisite of Honors Physics
  • Corequisite of AB or BC Calculus

AP Environmental Science:

  • Analyze natural and human-made environmental problems
  • Studies relationships in the natural world
  • Prerequisite of CP or Honors Chemistry


Social Studies Options:

AP United States History:

  • Introductory college level class of U.S History
  • Prerequisite of CP World History

AP Micro/Macro Economics:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Role of government in the economy
  • Counts as economics credit

AP Government and Politics:

  • Analyzing people’s political behaviors 
  • Studies the design of political system and institutions

AP Psychology:

  • Behavior & mental processes of humans and animals
  • Theories of perceptions, learning, and personality 

AP European History:

  • Western civilization
  • Chronological studies starting with the Renaissance
  • Principle themes of modern European history

AP Human Geography:

  • Studies patterns of humans’ effect on the alteration of Earth’s surface
  • Socio-economic
  • Methods and tools of geographers


Foreign Language Options:

AP French Language and Culture:

  • Prerequisite of French III
  • Communicating and comprehending with skills of grammar
  • French literature and culture

AP Latin:

  • Prerequisite of Latin III
  • Translating over 500 lines of Virgil’s Aeneid & Caesar’s Gallic War
  • Detailed analysis of Latin literature

AP Spanish Language:

  • Study Spanish culture and literature
  • Presenting communication skills
  • Prerequisite of Spanish III


Math Options:

AP Calculus (AB):

  • Earn 1 semester of college credit with qualifying AP test score
  • Prerequisite of Honors Pre-Calc with Trigonometry
  • Focuses on Sin, Cosine, Tangent

AP Calculus (BC):

  • Same focuses as AB, prerequisite is AB
  • More rigorous 
  • Earn 2 semesters of college credit with qualifying AP test score

AP Statistics:

  • Can earn 1 semester of non-calculus based college credit
  • Prerequisite of Algebra II
  • Co-requisite of Pre-Calc
  • Analyzing and drawing conclusions from data 


English Options:

AP English Language and Composition:

  • Prerequisite of English 10
  • Teaches students to become skilled writers
  • Incorporates American Literature

AP English Literature and Composition:

  • Senior course
  • Studies varying genres, time-periods, and cultures mostly British literature
  • Prerequisite of AP English Language and Composition and English 11
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