How to spread some Love in this Lovely month

How to spread some Love in this Lovely month

Olivia Eldridge

February is the month of love, so how can you spread love this month to get into the season?

1: Volunteer to reach out Lakota. Volunteering can be a way to give back to the community.  Here is more information on ways to help out West Chester and help one another out. 

2: Compliment a stranger. Complimenting a stranger is shown to improve mood and health. Being nice to people will make you 20% more likely to feel better. 

3: Give someone a hug! Some people are touch deprived which is a condition that arises when we have little or no physical contact with others. Touch deprivation can cause you to become stressed, anxious, or depressed. 

4: Pay for someone’s meal! The next time you go to a restaurant find someone and pay for their meal. It can help them you never know what someones going through. 

5: Donate books to a local library like Midpointe Library. If you’ve had books lying around and unused for months or even years, you should give them to a public library so they can use them for good use and the education of others!

6:  Leave a $10 bill in a library book when you return it. It could make someone’s day and pay for someone’s dinner. less money is associated with emotional pain even if something as small as $10 can make someone happy.

7: Bring people food! People being hungry makes people mad so giving someone some food, therefore, making them happier

8: Make one of your siblings or one of your parent’s lunch! It would be such a great way to help them in the morning and make their day a little bit better.

9: Say thank you to someone random! It will make them feel loved and gratified, people will start the ripple effect.

10: You could also put coins or nice notes on people’s cars, in people’s lockers, and in bathroom stalls. It could be the only positive thing someone experiences that day and that will change a lot about their day.

When we expand those loving feelings to the greater world, we actually improve the prognosis if we should develop cancer or heart disease.

Make someone happy today and do it because you want to make THEM happy!