School Shouldn’t Have Closed? Opinions on the Recent Snow Day, from Students

School Shouldnt Have Closed? Opinions on the Recent Snow Day, from Students

Sandra Philip, Article Uploader

Picture Credit: Unity School District

Snow days are something all students look forward to. Recently, there have been new opinions on if school should’ve closed during a recent snow day. The snow day caused a 7-period week with no block days. Some students feel the day was useless and would rather have had a school with the block day week.


Sophomore Deepa Pradhan said, “I like block days because I have more time to do my work in school. I know I will be too lazy to do my work at home so I like to use all my free time in school to finish it.”


Many other students feel the same way about block days. XH really helps some students catch up on missing work, ask teachers questions, and get done early with homework. 


Other students feel that the day was pretty useful. They were relaxed and didn’t have to worry about waking up early for school. They could use this day to spend time with family and friends.


Another sophomore, Rikhil Passi said, “I think the break was nice in general. I used some of it to study for some tests the next day. I also felt relaxed and not tired like usual.”


Even though snow days can be exciting and a good way to relieve stress from school, I don’t really think that we should have had one since there was barely any snow. I personally love block days and I think XH is helpful which may be a big factor in my opinion.