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Having a Positive Mindset


Have you ever had someone tell you “Stop being so negative, look at it in a positive way?” They are right!

       When viewing everything as a lesson, you may begin to notice a significant change in the way you think. Think in a positive manner, and have a positive mindset. Thinking positively is crucial to living a happy and healthy life because It is so easy to become your own worst enemy. When switching your mindset to seeing the positive in situations where it may be hard, you are creating healthy habits for your mental mind. Having a positive mindset is very important! Positivity will help you achieve your goals, keep your physical body healthy, and improve different aspects of your life, such as emotional fulfillment: friendships, and relationships. There are many ways to achieve a positive psyche! Practicing a positive mindset to create healthy daily habits is challenging but worth it.

     What is a positive mindset? A positive mindset is a practice of focusing on the good in any given situation; creating a more optimistic and free life! By having this change of mindset you will begin to feel better mentally, and physically, and view your daily life from a whole new perspective. This can be beneficial not only socially but emotionally.  

     A positive mentality can “Increase the lifespan.” This is because when you think in a logical manner you are lowering the high “ levels of distress and pain.”  You are creating a “greater resistance to illnesses, better psychological and physical well-being”, as well as, helping your heart alter your mind.” 

These are significant reasons why simple changes in your life are worth it and healthy. 


     A positive mindset is a type of behavior that is extremely vital to your mental health. Feeding yourself positive affirmations daily will make you feel mentally hydrated and refreshed.

This mindset will create feelings of hope, optimism, and “lower rates of depression” A positive psyche will help you form healthier mental habits.

     Not only does it improve your physical health, it also improves your emotional well-being. It will increase your friendships and create more well-rounded friendships. Having a more positive way of thinking will transform you into a more positive person generating more friendships. “If your having positive thoughts you’ll feel happier and content which makes those around you feel comfortable and happy when they’re around you.” Having a positive mentality will attract more peers to want to be around you.  

     Why is it important to create new friends? “Relationships are a cornerstone of happiness and living a full life” In life, you need to have relationships. It is a part of your system and what do you need to make more friendships? More positivism! Working your way of thinking, making it more positive will increase your chances of you gaining more friends. Retrieving more friends will fulfill your life to the fullest. Creating a better life for yourself and your mind. It will alter your life and make you a more positive individual inevitably.


     Overall having this type of way of thinking is extremely important and there are a couple of ways in which it was found helpful to reach these newfound goals.

1: Every time you think of a negative outcome, think of the positive one as well. This will form a habit of always remembering there could be a positive side to things as well.

2: Surround yourself with positive people. Living your everyday life surrounded by people who look at the negative side of things will affect you to do the same. Eliminate others in your life and obtain people who are more mentally positive. 

3: Practice positive self-talk by catching yourself when you speak negatively about/to others or yourself. Follow that up by immediately changing the phrase and soon your brain will do it automatically. 

Practicing positive thinking will improve you and your life. It will change you for the better. It is important and vital to living your life to the fullest. Start today and make a better life for yourself!!



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