How to Lose a Guy in 5 Days

Olivia Eldridge


Disclaimer: This article is loosely based on the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Of all the many things women talk about. One of the most frequent conversations among themselves: What did I do to make him like me? Does he still like me? Why doesn’t he like me anymore? What happened? Did I do something to him?


I’m here to help you and give you a guide on what not to do when you are dating a guy. However, I am giving it in a How to form. This Guide I do not recommend following if you are crushing over a hot guy. I only suggest this if you want to lose a guy. If you want to gain the feelings of a male specimen then do the complete opposite of this…. 


Hypothetically let’s say you meet a fine fellow Saturday night. You both agree to go back out and see each other again Sunday morning for brunch.




1st day: Overwhelming Feelings 

You get to the restaurant, and you two are going to sit down to talk. You will immediately start telling him how you feel. Tell him every single problem you’re dealing with. Be as negative as possible then when you are done sharing all your thoughts tell him you love him. He will not know what to do he will be confused and concerned. 


2nd day: Nicknames

You’re gonna do is give him a nickname. It might go something like this:

“Hey ____ how are you?” “Hey, Johnny wonny what have you been up to” Giving a guy a nickname in general means a very strong and fast commitment. It’s weird to them and will probably creep him out. Not enough to leave you but will definitely make him question his life choices. Continue on your date acting as normal and call him his new nickname over 10 times.


3rd day: Neediness and touchy feely

Today you guys are going to a basketball game. It’s gonna be so much fun… for you!! When you get ther hold onto his arm and touch him the entire time. Don’t stop and when you get thirsty ask him to go grab you a drink. When he comes back, send him back out to get you a different kind. This will make him get annoyed and frustrated.

4th day: Controlling/bossy

It’s the 4th day and he’s already going crazy.  So he can’t see you or hangout with you. If he has a night where he hangs out with his friends, you should go visit! ] You’re gonna bring yourself healthy platter of fruits and veggies. When you arrive to his apartment you will walk in calling him his nickname and using a baby voice. Walk over and take his food away and aggressively put the platter of fruit down. Acting as if he should already have known his limits and what he can and can not eat. This sort of “mother” behavior will make him mad. He wants to be with his girlfriend and you acting like his mom will drive him away fast. 


5th Day: Cry 

The entire time you’re with him, cry. Just cry over and over. Do everything you have been doing the past 5 days and add on crying. Say “You think im fat don’t you” Cry after you say this phrase as well. He will be out of your sight and gone for the hills