Top 6 Dumb Tik Tok Trends

Top 6 Dumb Tik Tok Trends

Casey Owusu

          Tiktok is an app where people are free to post whatever they feel like posting. First, it started as a dance app, then an app to share funny jokes, and trends (challenges). Over the years these trends have gone overboard and tons of trends have been created. I’ve seen tons of dumb trends on TikTok like people waxing their entire face and the crate challenge but they’re not as bad as some of the ones I’m about to list. So let’s go through the top 6 dumb TikTok trends in my opinion.


  1. Corn drill challenge– people would put corn on the cob on a drill and would rotate/spin the corn on the drill while attempting to eat the corn. People would sometimes lose their teeth and sometimes their hair would get caught in the drill, and it would pull their hair out leaving a bald spot. Even Jason Durolo a famous singer has attempted this challenge; as a result, he had his teeth chipped out.

  1. Throw it in the air challenge – people would throw heavy objects in the air and let them drop down on them to see who the object’s would hit. These attempts depending on the object’s impact on the person’s head would cause some people to get a concussion. People would attempt this challenge with a chair, ladder, balls, etc.

  1. Sleeping chicken challenge – In the NyQuil challenge, people would cook boil, or even marinate chicken with NyQuil. NyQuil is an allergy medicine that helps people sleep better if they have a stuffy nose. The results of this challenge could hurt people’s lungs if a great amount of it is consumed. FDA even advises people not to attempt this challenge because it’s dangerous to ingest the substance.

  1. Cha Cha Slide challenge – many may know that the cha cha slide is the common song and phrase “slide to the left, slide to the right”. People would attempt to slide right and left in the road when the song said to. This sometimes would lead to accidents because people would sometimes do this challenge impulsively in the middle of the road and even in traffic

  1. Penny challenge – The penny challenge is when people take a charger box and put a coin between the plug of the box and attempt to insert it into an outlet. The outcome of these cases; consequently,  would cause outlets to have shortages/ blow fuses and even cause fires.



  1. Devious lick challenge – for this challenge people would steal school property or any items from school such as soap dispensers, class pets, teacher items, signs, etc… This challenge has gone to a point where school administrators, authorities, and TikTok have had to get involved for the stealing of school property, some students have even gotten expelled for attempting this challenge. Tiktok has banned this challenge and so people have renamed it Delirious lick. This challenge was dumb and the least harmful but not as dumb and dangerous as the other challenges.


          Let’s not get it all twisted up, there are way more dumb TikTok trends than the ones I’ve listed. Never attempt these challenges because you would be putting yourself and others in danger. At the end of the day, these TikTok challenges will go down in history as the dumbest challenges.


Credit: new york post TikTok article