Midpoint Library

Midpoint Library

Sandhya Dhanala

Lakota students have been going to the Midpointe library for years. Sometimes, students go to the building to study, and other times to hang out. I got curious and wanted to know how the people at the Midpointe library felt about Lakota students going to their library regularly.

I got in touch with Cari Hillman, the community engagement director for the Midpointe library system. Cari navigates the press requests. She emphasizes that “Everyone is welcome to the library. We

love our partnership with Lakota and are always impressed by the creativity, hard work, and dedication of students and staff.”

I asked Cari how she felt about students’ behavior in the library. She didn’t specifically say anything about Lakota students in general, but she did say “we need all visitors to follow our rules of conduct, to provide a safe and inviting environment”. She stated the library isn’t as quiet as it once used to be. Most people go there to hang out and have fun, and that’s ok as long as you’re quiet. Sometimes people get caught up in the fun and forget they’re in a library, and that’s when it starts affecting others. Cari stated, “We need to be courteous to those who use the building for work and studying.”