Teacher Feature: Mrs. Herber


Sophie Diouf

Students who have attended school at the freshman campus may know Mrs. Herber is an English teacher in room 303. Those who did not have her as an actual teacher may not know that she is also a para-athlete representing the United States.


When she was two years old her parents decided to amputate her left foot because of a birth defect. But this amputation did not stop her from having a very active sports life.  While in school, she played softball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis;  her foot being amputated didn’t hold her back at all. 


Recently, she decided to challenge herself by joining a triathlon. A triathlon is a race where athletes compete in swimming, biking, and long-distance running. After competing in her first race and placing first, she realized how much potential she had. “When I went to the national championship and was able to place on the podium that’s when I realized as an adaptive athlete that I was some of the best in the world.” She competed in the 2022 Americas Triathlon Para Championships in Florida on March 13th. Mrs. Herber says biking is the easiest, while swimming is the most difficult for her.


Before Mrs.Herber got into teaching she fell in love with the English language and said “My best teachers were the ones that made me grow and change.” She loves to see students come in at the beginning of the year and leave as better writers.  Her love for writing eventually led her to write a memoir “WHOLE: A Leg up on Life”  about her life as an amputee. The book goes over her accomplishments and struggles she faced growing up.


For Mrs. Herber, teaching at Lakota has always felt like home to her. Before she began working at Lakota she worked at other schools such as Middletown, “Students here want to connect with their teachers, I feel.” 


One can only imagine having time to balance schoolwork and training for these para-triathlons. Mrs. Herber is dedicated to teaching and living her life to the fullest by doing what she enjoys.